June 21st, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Molly is also part of the problem.

Since the Foobiverse is what Batiuk used to call a quarter of an inch from reality before he mutated into a boring monomaniac babbling inanely about comics and old serials, it's made quite obvious that Molly is part of the problem. While it's insane to start wailing moronically about her wandering lost in the darkness that is dark because she thinks that no one understands what it's like to be her owing to her misguided belief that no one has or ever will live what she's lived, it's less insane to point out that she brought a lot of her troubles on herself sitting in her room making a meal of how horrible her life was. This is why I'm about a month away from reminding you that she's about to pull a con on Mike when she threatens to tell the whole world he's a pervert. On the one hand, we have a dumb kid who's too stupid to get out of trouble's way while on the other hand, there's this newcomer spoiling to make trouble for people because she can't stand the place she lives in. People have every chance of believing that she's making stuff up to make trouble for some kid because no one has ever had to leave her boyfriend behind ever and so on and so forth.

I should think that exposure to the real world and adult responsibilities has probably forced her to confront the angry, stupid idiot she used to be and to make her feel ashamed a bit of her stupider actions. While we have to see the Molly that was too busy being a kid to realize what was happening around her, the Molly who's raising a kid smiles a rueful smile and tells herself that Greg and Connie were probably thinking more about helping someone who was in a wretched condition than they were about her. After all, they did have to look in on the pathetic shut-in Connie went to University with because she had an ogre husband who resented the idea of her having her own identity, a nitwitted hellion son and a whimpering imbecile daughter all teaming up to drive her batty. She herself might have been a bit inconvenienced but it was for the greater good because the poor dolt needed a friend.