June 23rd, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

War of the drama queens.

Now, to get back to the meat of the Molly saga, let's remind ourselves that the reason she's sitting in her room thought-bubbling 'gloom' because Lynn fears, hates and patronizes teen-aged children is that it's sort of obvious that it's never occurred to her that she is not the only person in recorded history or the only person who will ever have to contend with her mother running off for reasons no one ever makes clear, acting out because she thinks it's maybe her fault and freaking out her dad, getting a step-mother who wants things to move too damned fast, having to leave town under dubious circumstances and having to move next door to some woman who's a cheerleader for the horrible person who took her away from her friends and her forever love. It's sort of no wonder that Molly is described as having embraced the darkness and turned her back on her parents' love; all she ever hears is how ungrateful and cruel she is to not indulge a crazy gold-digger who's made her into a threat because of her own impulse to over-dramatize her situation.

This is because the reason Connie was in Thunder Bay in the first God-damned place is that she gave into her need to make a theatrical show of her utter debasement and embarrassment given that Phil and Ted were no longer in play. Instead of dating a Milborough resident unknown to Patterson, she moved to a different town to avoid a phantom. She went on to behave as if she was the only person ever who ever dealt with or ever would deal with a step-daughter who distrusted her step-mother and dreamed a futile dream of restoring a family that simply wasn't meant to be.

This need to be the louder, more panicky drama queen making mountains out of molehills seems to have possibly pointed Molly towards sanity in her own behaviour. The realization that her step-mom and the crazy woman with the creepy kid were less adult than she was made it damned easy to move in with Mommy when she got her head back on straight. Why it is that she pressured Gayle into also renouncing a place she might have fit into is easy to explain in strip but harder in reality and makes Molly look like something of a bully. More on that tomorrow.