September 12th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Lizardbreath has met her enemy and it is her.

To continue on from yesterday, I'd like to remind you that I believe that Liz's inability to quite admit that her neediness, her need to have her needs catered to without being burdened with having to reciprocate and desire to placate her worthless parents has pretty much made a mess of Francoise's life is going to lead to either a huge row that baffles the Hell out of Lizardbreath or the passive-aggressive, eye-rolling sniping that Connie is currently doing in response to her unrealistic attempt to force things.

The problem is not just that we'd be asked to take the side of a crazy idiot who doesn't understand how decent people actually behave. The idiot who still grouses 'three's a crowd' when asked reconsider a lifetime of being a possessive creep-head besotted by the need to collect and hoard people like Yu-gi-oh cards is going to be the idiot who won't see that her treating the victim of her selfishness and cruelty like a monster is going to have a down-side and it's something we have to endure. The problem is far worse: the fact that people, picky-faced people who want bad things for her because they plot to be born to take the spotlight away from her, are going to lead the crowds of terrible people who ask her who the Hell she thinks she was fooling in the first place with that homesickness bullshit.

Liz Caine, you see, is the appalling mess she is because she's surrounded by people who enable her tendency towards flighty, manipulative, uncaring and selfish behaviour for their own self-serving ends. They agree that it actually was homesickness that led her to leave people in the lurch as greedily and cravenly as they agree that the people she left in the lurch are actually worthless in order to keep her from feeling the remorse that would deny them ownership of her horses. By the time Liz figures out that her mom and dad have been dealing from the bottom of the deck with marked cards, she's going to be in the old folks' home playing bingo with Cyborg Bingo Lady Frieda's Head In A Jar.