October 8th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

On the root source of stupid advice.

I think that we can all agree that the advice Elly gave her children over the years about how to deal with bullies is at best useless and at worst downright dangerous. Mean people like Brad, Richard and Jeremy don't become suddenly wonderful if you avoid them or befriend them or do anything like Elly says to them. That being said, we're supposed to regard it as a victory for Elly's beliefs that Jermy Wormy Jeremy simply insults and demeans April and has for now foresworn hitting her. There's a good God-damned reason for this and also, a Foob Fact:

Foob Fact Forty-One: Elly is too damned obsessed with the surface impression she and her family might make when they do things and can't be asked to care about anything deeper than the merely superficial.

Not only is this why Elly is at pains to present a good image while either shrugging feebly or whining about persecution when asked to address anything deeper than how she looks, it's also why she has her children do stupid things against their best interest like this. She doesn't want to look like a bad person who doesn't give people a chance when people might comment on it so she indulges thieves and ignores evidence that tells her that her youngest child was getting the shit kicked out of her by a God-damned lunatic. She also ignores the fact that she's set things up so that her child doesn't even understand what was about to happen to her.