October 26th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

April's true purpose revealed.

The other day, I was reminded that the music teacher April wanted to impress was a Mr Bergan. The reason this seemed odd is that it's quite likely that Aaron blew off the Lynn Lake Bergan because he got bored and frustrated so it seemed to howtheduck as if perhaps Lynn was trying to tell him what he should have done instead of quit and say horrible things about how she's an unsympahetic, unsupportive jerk.

Another odd thing is that April is clearly expected to pay her way through life instead of expecting her poor, overstretched parents to lift a finger to help her. They can throw insane weddings, they can buy book stores on a whim, they can go on kid-unfriendly trips South but somehow, there just isn't enough dough for her. This is possibly Lynn telling her kids that she's tired of having to support them.

What this possibly means is that April exists primarily so Lynn can nag her adult children without appearing to; since she's not based on a real child, she can say anything or do anything and they aren't supposed to care because it's not "really" one of them she's criticizing.