December 3rd, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

The bellwether winter jacket of Lizzie Patterson

The odd thing about the ice scraper incident is not that Elly looks like a big idiot standing around in a driveway being pointlessly upset because her need to show off how generous she is backfired on her. It's not that she won't admit that if she wanted the kids to park in the driveway while she parked in the garage, she should have said so instead of brainlessly assuming people read minds. It's not that she probably got pissed off at John when she caught wind of the fact that once again, he acted while she pouted and talked the kids into doing what she wanted because his doing things while she fumed made her feel like the idiot she is. The odd thing is that we could have predicted the whole damned thing decades beforehand when she was forced to shop for winter gear.

You see, next October, Liz comes in and tells Elly that her old snowsuit is too tight to wear. Elly's response is to panic because she bought the thing extra-big this year because she thought it would fit next year. Someone rational would realize that she failed to anticipate how Lizzie would grow and simply get a new one that won't rip all the hell to pieces. Elly doesn't do rational. Elly thinks that her children are deliberately growing larger than they should to make her life worse. Elly also doesn't do things to make her life easier. It would be dead easy to go to a nice consignment shop to save some cash and still get nice clothes they'd like to wear but she can't jolly well impress people that way. Doing the sane, convenient and responsible thing is what she does when she's exhausted all the stupid alternatives she uses to complicate her life. This means that she pretty much had to be a passive victim of the Housening because she would have been a big dumb obstacle to making people's lives easier.