December 19th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Obfuscating stupidity in seafoam green.

To continue on with my vacation in Nicktownland, it should be noted that when I said "everything trying to kill him having a baby with everything that wants to," I mean that only two of Linc's sisters are actively engaged in thwarting him 24/7. For the bundle of insecurity in the tank top jealously guarding the fact that she's the only one with a learner's permit and the diminutive psycho undergoing the Princess phase, busting Lincoln's ass is a full-time job. The others present a more passive hindrance to his goal to gaining one minor advantage or another...and there's none of them more passive than second-oldest sister Leni.

What meets the eye is a ditzy blonde stereotype (named for a friendly dog Savino had and the special needs dude from "Of Mice And Men") in a sea-foam green dress wearing sunglasses as more or less a decoration. (The one time she wore them AS shades, she claimed that she'd gone blind.) She wanders around babbling about fashion magazines, using the word "like" every like third word in a like sentence, forgetting names, getting grades that make Usagi Tsukino look like Einstein, being literal-minded and generally looking like the very model of the modern kind-hearted simpleton. The thing is that I remember something Savino worked on in the past: Cartoon Network's "Dexter's Laboratory". Boy GEEEEEEnius Dexter thought his SIIIISter Dee-Dee was stoooooooopid too because he don't grok girls no-how so the same thing is gotta be going on here. When we combine her skill as a seamstress and craftsman with the fact that she's aware she's thought of as being an airhead AND the fact that her IQ seems to ratchet up when Lori is incapacitated or it won't get back to her, it's sort of obvious at least to me that Leni is play-acting at being dumber than she actually is to get out of doing things that are messy, boring, difficult or (most importantly) would put her in direct conflict with Lori. She'd rather voluntarily be shoved into a tank of the spiders she and paterfamilias Lynn Senior are terrified of than go against her older sister and it's also too damned much like work for someone that non-confrontational to contemplate. Best to smile a dozy-looking smile and be thought of as dim than to endure another annoying crying jag about how now, someone is utterly useless now that someone else can do the same things she does.