January 24th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

This just in: Mike and Lizzie's teachers suck.

I don't know which of Aaron and Katie's teachers got on Lynn's last nerve back in the mid-eighties. I don't want to know what they did to annoy her. I would rather not speculate as to how ridiculous Lynn's vendetta against them actually is. All I know is that Mr Warren and the rest of the faculty do not acquit themselves actually well during this arc. This is because of three very important stupid facts.

1) They were woefully underprepared for the inclement weather headed their way. Instead of ruining Elly's day by preemptively closing the school in advance like sane people because of the possibility of closed roads and downed power lines, they came up with the stupid plan of sending a flunky out to a convenience store to buy provisions because the hydro conked out and the cafeteria was useless.

2) Instead of grace under pressure and sensitivity to the needs of their frightened charges, the mutants in the staff room acted like panicky infants crying out for mama to save them from the bad, bad storm and thanked the Almighty for his plows and buses and hydro workers when the crisis passed and they could go back to pretending that they were functioning adults.

3) Despite being revealed as incompetent, gutless and worthless, the children are still expected to pay obeisance to the bed-wetters and eunuchs that the State empowered to ride herd on them despite being third-rate people who need books with answers in the back just to get by in life.