January 27th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Dial A for Anxiety

The interesting thing about looking ahead a year is that while Mike remains rather consistent in character, Lizzie finally turns into Elizabeth on us. This is because we're no longer dealing with the timid little girl clinging tenaciously to her mother's legs in hopes that by doing so, she can be saved from the Looming Shape Of Random Imbecile Malice that STILL haunts the grown woman's nightmares. Instead, we're dealing with a moody, passive and oblivious little girl who's obsessed with the notion that the reason no one seems to like her is that she's too ugly to be liked.

The interesting thing about the flare-ups of this anxiety is that they're always accompanied by two annoying things. The first annoying thing is hypocrisy about how she doesn't need to be so hung up on her physical appearance by the oblivious twerp mother she's busy mutating into. The second annoying thing is that we get a reminder of something Liz is too blistering stupid to notice or admit to: the fact that she's a moody, scowling jerk who refuses to let people on her damned island because they don't feed an ego so monstrous, it makes Michael look like the personification of self-effacing abnegation.