March 2nd, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Further notes on a fallen Molly

Of course, having Molly grovel for a forgiveness not forthcoming from her always-right elders because despite her giving Dirk a hand job (and thereby totally disgracing herself), she got tossed aside like the trash she is would not have been complete without someone constantly rediscovering that she's a human being who let her anxieties guide her to that dark place the idiots keep yapping about. My guess is that her sister Gayle was being slotted into that position because Lynn was trying to set up a contrast.

The interesting thing is what Gayle was going to be rewarded with for being a sweet kid who was cravenly grateful to be advised by those dowdy idiots Elly and Connie: Michael. She had clearly shrunk and she was probably going to have a few years shaved off of her age but the same sane person who said no to the affair John was supposed to have with Sue told Lynn that if she did that, people would march en masse to North Bay to burn her studio to the ground.