April 15th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

What the Thomas Sisters’ disappearance says.

The odd thing about today’s strip in which we see Molly and Gayle for the last time is that yet again, Lynn has failed to quite understand what to her seems to be a rational decision makes her characters look like. To her, they’re just redundant characters it’s okay to jettison because no one is going to complain about Mike being too damned young to have romances now. What it makes Connie look like is not something she cares to understand.

This is something of an oversight on her part when you consider the excuse she gave for Gayle not sticking around after Molly left for University: going off to live with her mother who no one has seen much or heard anything from despite having built something of a life for herself. It says something about Connie that for some reason, the nice twin would rather take her chances on someone who probably checked out of the marriage and motherhood due to stress than with Connie. It says a lot more that Connie bitterly envies Elly for being able to have a third child when she cannot prove that she really loved Greg by presenting him with a child of their own. What it says is that the same jealous, clingy, melodramatic idiot who made a big fool of herself throwing around stupid ultimatums at Brazilian doctors started in on Gayle for trivial reasons and Greg was too whipped to stand up for his own kid.