May 5th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

“Stop the world….I wanna push the ugly people off.”

One of the odder things that has been called to my attention is the fact that possibly the only real reeason Lizardbreath wanted Howard Erk to get kicked off the planet is that he wasn’t conventionally handsome. When you consider the fact that other potential suitors behave as badly if not worse than he did and Liz considered them Mom-approvable because they look good AND when you remember that Dirk Dagger simply had to be bad news because he’s homely, it’s not hard to see that Lynn seems to think that romance is only for the pretty.

We add in a hint of high school bullshit to the narrative when we consider the fact that Martha indulges in a little bit of hallway politics when she punishes her homely friend Janet for taking advantage in the first Operation Jealousy that went horribly wrong owing to the target being a lunk-headed Patterson who didn’t realize that it was his job to fend off the Other Person. Clearly, a less pretty person cannot afford the luxury of assuming that she can have a boyfriend when a prettier girl is there so so long, Janet, hello, Rose Gamgee In Training Tracey Moore.