May 13th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

The Steve-Fiona Axis Of Foobar.

As we know, Jean and pretty much most of John’s staff were the victim-slash-accomplices of one of the most glaring Idiot Plots in the chronicles of the Patterson family when they misinterptered his ambiguous comments about getting free of a crazy woman in the least complimentary terms possible. While it had been established early on that Jean never really believed that when push came to shove, John would be faithful to Elly because she regards him as being proof of Larry Linville’s belief that Frank Burns was everywhere and latched onto the heaping helping of confirmation bias John witlessly supplied her like a starving octopus, she would have grateful for one thing had someone came along and told her that the crazy woman John was talking about and the crazy cousin suckling off his teats were one and the same: the existence of Steve Nichols.

This is because if the idiot Pattersons ever bothered telling her who Fiona was, she could have pointed to the mess Steve and Annie made of their marriage as an example of what she thought John was capable of if he really wanted to be a jerk to Elly.  All she would have had to do was point to the fact that Steve seemed most inclined to stray under stressful conditions and she’d have a ready-made justification for her barely disguised contempt for her employer. Thus does John’s idiotic tendency to blather on endlessly about subjects not germane to what he’s actually doing do more than convince his patients that he’s a clod who behaves as if he’s gapping sparkplugs for a living: it gives people whose loathing of him is a secret only to him ammunition.