May 15th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

On negative wish-fulfillment worlds.

As you know, I don’t really think that most people really understand the comic strip Funky Winkerbean is less what Batiuk calls a quarter-inch from the reality you and I live in and more a quarter of an inch from where he thinks that reality should be. Case on point: we have to contend with the fact that a burned-out hack of a teacher like Les who radiates contempt for his students and almost seems to see it as his job to destroy any lingering interest they might have in the written word is seen as a tragic hero because teachers ‘should’ be allowed to just tear people apart because they get pissed off. After all, the horrible mass of children dare to ask what record players are and why it is that they should stress over the sixties so they’re vermin, not kids like he used to be.

That’s right. I went there. Les is a hero because he represents a big-ass wad of bug-eyed greed that wants very much to not feel sympathy with or for the generations that have to clean up the mess his generation made being soft, weak, entitled, stupid and heartless. Caring about them and wondering what kind of world they have to live in is not ‘on’ because it means that boomer dickholes like Les and Batiuk are not the measure of all things.