May 26th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

On pump organs, cedar chests and feeding Elly.

There is, of course, another interesting thing about the cedar chest that Elly can't quite consider because she's kind of short-sighted. To explain that thing, let's explain another thing that's going to happen: Elly and Phil getting territorial about all of the crap their folks unload when they downsize. Much noise is made about the old pump organ both of them want for their own reasons. As I've said before, Elly needs to get the damned thing even if she has no intention of ever playing it because she wants to prove once and for all that Phil should apologize for being born male and thus hijacking her childhood and making her a slave in her own home while he got to be free and happy and never have to deal with half the shit she did. Phil wants the damned thing because he'll use it and he's all kinds of sick of Elly rewriting history to make herself the victim of all victims surpassing all others when everyone else saw a reasonably happy girl having a reasonably easy life. Jim is sick of his two idiot children never getting along because they want to fight childhood battles until they're in their eighties so he gives the damned thing to the church to stop the damned fighting because he thinks if he takes the symbol away, the fight will go with it.

Since Elly is as dumb as a sack of hair, it's quite likely that she doesn't understand that the same blasted thing might have been going on with that cedar chest Thelma gave her. What could easily have happened is that Thelma reflected on what her nieces and nephews were up to and thought to herself "Gee willy-wonkers!! Dora and Wesley are fit to murder one another over that old chest of mine! Maybe if I hand it off to that dozy idiot woman who I used to live next to because I feel sorry for her and her family, they'll settle the heck down!!"

The reason that she might have been seen as a useful neutral party that Thelma almost pitied would never actually occur to the poor, dim-brained creature is, of course, the fact that Elly is also exceedingly vain on top of being as dumb as dirt and almost genetically incapable of seeing all the good things in her life. To be given a sort of sympathy prize from someone who wants other people to focus on what matters is not something that can occur to her while being thought of as being central to this woman's existence is.