May 28th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

On claiming ownership of the dead.

Of course, the real problem that Elly has is that she's got no idea how her inability to understand or respect the amenities involved in dealing with Mrs Baird's passing make her look to anyone outside the Patterson family's social circle. What she and the others see is probably a friendly person who, having noticed a poooooor old lady with noooo one in her life having gone to her reward unheeded and unmourned, generously stepped in to save the day. The problem is that Thelma was stated to have nieces and nephews who would pretty much see that as their job.

To elucidate on this, let's pay obeisance to Anglo-Canadian naming habits of the post-war years and call one of said nieces Mrs Flora Humphries and let's say that she's marked down as next of kin because she, and not some random jerk dentist's wife with a case of too big for her britches, is executor of Thelma's estate. It would probably appall her to find that when she got off the red-eye from Calgary to the Metro Toronto area, some dozy idiot she knows as "the deluded jerk I bs'ed into thinking I was going to have a puppy put down" is racing around taking over the memorial service and blithely setting aside previously-agreed on plans because she knew best. Only the need to avoid making a scene would have stopped her from tearing Elly a new behind.