June 14th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

The first of the boring, ordinary people: Liz

As I've said before, Michael has always been a rather theatrical little glory-hog with a warped idea of what should be expected of him and what should be expected of two different categories of others. It's as if one were watching some asshole on a reality show lose his fucking shit because someone is forgetting that his job is fawning over him, letting him do whatever he wants whenever he wants to do it, allowing him to not do things that confuse him, bore him or requite actual physical and mental effort to master and, above all, keep him from the evil of having to share what he has. Given his melodramatic and self-serving nature, his interpretation of having to not hog everything to his damned self is to misinterpret not 'generously' allowing the person he's depriving to watch him enjoy life while she goes without loops back to a vision that leads him like a pillar of flame by night and a pillar of smoke by day. It is the vision of his parents laughing cruelly at him as they inform him that he is NEVER allowed to have ANYTHING at all and must watch them hand the whole WORLD to a boring, useless lump of a GIRL who does and never will do ANYTHING while standing around apologizing FOREVER for being greedy and selfish and bad and unable to be loved by actually wanting a crumb of anything to himself.

Okay, That was a damned long-winded way of reminding us that Mikey-Girl is always going to be a spolied brat who never got over having a kid sister. Since admitting that it's okay that Liz, you know, exists and has just as much right to the good things in life as he does and the only reason that he's pissed is because he projects his greed onto her person means that he's a boring, ordinary jerk with entitlement issues. Since he'd rather not admit that he missed out on a lot of good things feeling sorry for himself, he'll also be a bitter old asshole who doesn't understand why everyone tells him to stop being a shit to Liz.