November 9th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Chee! Here comes Middle Years John!!!

The interesting thing about an upcoming arc is not that Elly has a Very Clever Plan that's designed to help her children and make their lives better and make them grateful for all she does for them that runs aground noisily on the rocky shoals of Elly not knowing who the Hell the people she's trying to help actually are. Part of the fun of watching Elly solve problems is knowing that she starts off having a hard time understanding what the problem actually is, makes a dog's breakfast of coming up with a solution and ends by having a hard time admitting that her Very Clever Plan is based on stupid assumptions and so ducks the issue by blaming the recipient of her lunk-headed generosity for being impossible to help. The interesting thing is that this time, we see John starting to become the biological adjunct of a toolshed who makes asides to himself about how her plan has holes in it.

The example that seems to come closest to what I mean is the set-up to "A Storm In April." What happens is that Elly talks about taking April to work only to have John make annoying buzzing noises about how children tend to move around because that's their deal so it's not a good idea to make the same stupid mistake Elly does and assume that if they loooooooove her, they're gonna stay where she plops'em down. As anyone who ain't Elly can predict, April proceeds to get into mischief when left unattended and, since it can't be Elly's fault for not understanding how children behave, it's clearly April fooling all of us AND John somehow using his evil chauvinism powers to jinx things for Elly. The idea seems to be that if he didn't come along to ruin Elly's life by saying two and two make four all the time, two and two would add up to whatever Elly needs it to and life would be fair and she could be happy for once.