December 8th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Exile Farm and the Obedience Gap.

As we know, Elly tends to hate it when either her mother or John's mother shows up when she's around. She doesn't mind telling the kids to mind their elders when she's not around but there's something about being no longer the eldest that just gets on her nerves. Said something is, of course, her having to take a back seat to Granny and being overruled at every turn. When she issues forth an ill-considered, inflexible and stupid decree because she thinks that the point of being a wife and mother is to say no to everything, she doesn't like having an older person coming along and setting aside her brutal commands.

The reason this is important over the next two or three weeks is that Elly happens to be a guest in someone else's house. This means that she cannot actually boss Laura around the same way she can tyrannize her own children because Laura isn't her kid and she's not actually in charge of anything other than telling people what other parents have decided. If someone else says something she disapproves of is okay, Elly has no choice but to lump it because what Someone Else says goes and that's wrong. What's also wrong is that she can't commandeer her niece's room and manage to bar her from it. Why, she even has to accept other people's judgment as to whether her children are happy and that's terrible too. This is why Exile Farm is some place other people get sent to: Elly can't cooperate unless she's in charge.