December 16th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Laura reconsidered.

The irritating thing about Danny is that he assumes that people can't simply come to visit when they show up. This manifests itself as John complaining about having to thaw and replace plumbing and repair farm equipment when he wanted to take things easy. This tendency of his to impose back-breaking labour on people because his farm ain't no hippie commune is that his "you wanna eat, you gotta work" outlook on life extends to his kid. The end result of his being the jackass who makes his kid work at the family business to keep her out of mischief is that being made to feel guilty about not wanting to be a farmhand fills her with envy of those who don't have to live her life.

Said envy tends to explain her defensiveness when it's pointed out that her life looks rather bleak and boring as well as her shrewish ad hominem attacks on the cousins who play tourist on the farm of a Summer while she has to be there year round. Given Danny's being a bit of a dope and a lot of a throwback is that now that he's probably retired, he probably sold it out from under her without even considering if she'd like to own the place because of that Heir Club For Men thing he and John are rocking.