March 18th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Georgia (im)peached......

The interesting thing about this week's arc is not that we're yet again asked to prefer a self-righteous outrage artist to a jovial adolescent in his middle thirties only to end up slightly more on Phil's side because affable goofolas who wanna have a good time are more tolerable company than strident boneheads racing around looking for monsters to destroy. The interesting thing is that Elly is probably still to this day trying to figure out if her sister in law insulted her with a big phony smile on her face when she made a comment about how long hair at her age made her look like a dowdy old lady.

Given that the woman is four years or so younger than Elly is, I'd say that, yeah, she did get in a sick burn at Elly's expense and got away with it too. It could well be that she might have made a habit of saying cutting things with a big, dopey smile on her face and having her targets wonder what she meant by that crack. Elly is never going to know because she has a distinct lack of curiosity about Georgia that extends to not having the least idea (or inclination to actually know) what her birth name is.