June 20th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

The anomalous summer of 1989

I think that this summer should stand out for one very bizarre and troubling reason: it's the only one in the strip's history that doesn't have Elly and John howl about the need to pack their kids off some place for weeks on end or arrange a really neat job John would really like that turns out to be a degrading slog no sane person should like to make'em suddenly wonderful by reminding them what hard work is. Granted, we get Elly delivering a mind-blowing speech about how Mike supposedly owes her and John for the air he breathes but that's about it.

The reason that this sticks out in my mind is because it's a reminder that for some reason, John and Elly are convinced that the kids are having a better time than they are and for sure, a far better time than they did and so does Lynn, it would seem. Since she's sort of weird and sort of thinks that her opinion is everyone's opinion, her attempt to depict the kids as being spoiled falls far short of the mark and makes John and Elly look like jerk parents screaming about nothing much at all.

This would be a minor irritation save for one factor: Lynn's strip seems to have become a sort of flypaper for freaks and monsters who smile and nod and tell themselves they're great people for insisting that John and Elly should occasionally fire off and wale the snot outta their kids for no reason at all just to show'em who's in charge. Since the lovers of appalling and irrational cruelty for its own sake will always be with us, Lynn will always have fans and admirers.