January 31st, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Allyson and why she frightens me.

As you all know, there is something April does that makes me want to check her God-damned expiry date: creeping all over her friend Becky because she's a jealous little heifer who doesn't want to admit that the prettier girl makes her feel all kinds of insecure. Time and again, she's rediscovering the fact that the other person isn't trying to crush her with her star power to see her writhe in agony and since she's a Patterson, she immediately forgets this so she can go right on back to irrationally hating someone who lives an armpit of a life.

The reason that I mention the poison in the Martian's soul is that we've been here before. As a matter of fact, we're right here, right now watching everyone ever creep over Allyson for being the same sort of desperate kid looking for affection Becks is. Gordon is a slobbering moron in a ball cap screaming about hormone attacks and Mike is a dumbass who will never know what love is so they don't see the scary shit I do. When I see a thirteen year old girl sitting behind the bleachers voluntarily freezing herself because she'd 'embarrassed' herself in front of THE ONLY CHANCE SHE HAS, MOTHER!!!, I kind of fear for her and hope she'll outgrow the desperation. When the last thing we hear of her is that she just leapt into marriage with another charismatic stranger, I don't think "gold digger" like Gordon or Mike, I ask myself how Anne Nichols got started anyway.