July 23rd, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Of spectacles and sports cars.

As we know, the current disaster was touched off by an act of well-meaning ignorance on Liz's part. She did keep her glasses safe in her own weird way but it's not a way Elly approves of because Liz's way didn't involve following the orders Elly meant to give and thought that she did. This is what Mark Twain might call a second cousin to Elly's belief that not tidying her house the way she would do so means that the house isn't "really" clean at all because without her to keep chaos at bay, wreckage, filth and confusion would be visited on the world by the uncaring and ignorant.

This is nuts because it's not as if Liz is any more attentive than Elly herself is and, well, it's not as if Liz thinks that objects and people cease to exist when she isn't looking at them. Liz has a hard time seeing things because she's horribly near-sighted but at least she is aware that things don't go away when she isn't looking at'em. Elly's world view is one in which she drifts along through a blank void only to subjected to horrible and unforeseeable surprise after surprise because her minds' eye needs stronger glasses than Liz has. This is why she zoned out and plowed into some guy's car. The only difference is that Elly's inattention and stupidity must be allowed for and waved away because she's 'suffered' 'endless privation'.