August 13th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

The erroneous conclusion machine and how it chewed Martha up.

As we've seen before, Mike isn't any more aware of How Things Work than his idiot mother is owing to their sharing the same pernicious and destructive pattern of thought that makes their lives worse: "This person has done something that makes me feel sad, mad or bad so it must have been their intention to do so." No Patterson can believe in unwitting harm because like their creator, their understanding of the world congealed into the hideous shape it is when they were four. This means that they can't understand that people have a different understanding of the world than they do or know things they do not and neither can they understand that they do not know things that other people do.

This is why Mike is going to draw yet another wrong conclusion from his meeting up with her family....and I'm not just talking about "Since having Stan around to give me a hard time makes me feel like a jerk, the best way to avoid being a jerk is to make Liz feel like shit before she even leaves the house"; what I'm talking about is his inability to understand that it wasn't her plan to have the boat run out of gas or make him wear the wrong swim trunks or any of the other stupid things that were out of her control. It's like dealing with a dumb-ass five year old who just plain can't understand that events are out of the control out of people who make promises and thus think that since circumstances forced Mommy to break a promise, Mommy is a lying liar who lies....or a nitwit eight year old who won't admit that Marg....Mommy is trying to soften the blow when telling her that Kitty got run over by some jackass's Chrysler. Kids and child-like people just aren't smart enough to understand what people can and cannot control and this makes their lives worse. Eventually, it and his inattention make Marty radioactive....but since he's dumb, he don't learn nothing.