August 21st, 2019

Indignant Candiru

On the owning of horses and Harriet MacRae and why that leads to Mira.

The irritating thing about Martha's family is not just that Fred and Stan have been deliberately drawn to be misshapen and cretinous-looking in order to disqualify them as potential in-laws. It is quite bad enough to have to remember that Lynn draws people who've offended her as being weirder-looking and ugly-looking than they actually are (as is probably attested by having her first husband end up looking like Haystack Magoo because he wore his hair in a mullet) and the woman who told her that while it's sad that people don't get to praise her for making Lizzie a cute outfit for the Easter Parent, her being praised shouldn't come at Lizzie's expensethat her genius must never be seen so a brat can be indulged at her poor mother's expense to look like a cartoon witch because Lynn is a vain twerp who can't allow herself to feel the feelings of other people. What irritates me is that with Harriet and her being functionally identical to Elly, we've just had the final nail hammered into the coffin of Mike's dalliance with Martha.

This is because we have to remember why it is that Mira Sobinski is an evil, domineering and selfish monster who wants to steam-roll over the Pattersons and make them lose family politics: she is functionally equivalent to Elly and that's terrible because it means that since no one listens to her or appreciates her, she is the victim of all victims surpassing all others and she gets to own all the horses to make up for a miserable life in which she is suppressed and marginalized by all comers....including that lazy fool son-in-law's greedy idiot mother who wants to eat every meal and drink every drink and leave her with nothing and laugh her sticky-out tongue laugh of malice because she's also feasting on poor Mira's suffering and winning family politics forever and ever. We thus end up with two idiots who can't live with themselves.