October 10th, 2019

Cynical Candiru

John's convenient memory

In the interests of accuracy, it must be pointed out that Elly is not smart enough to do something like rearrange when curfew is or actually enforce it on her own. Her way is passively bleating about a problem because she is more interested in marrying an evil than ending it. This is why there was a sort of discharge of asshole parenting wherein John did something he hates to do: wait up for a child and punish Mike for forcing him to violate his principles of not engaging with his kids when it doesn't amuse him.

The catalyst that sparked this "You forced me to stay up so you're grounded, Buster" appears to have been John's innate dislike and distrust of Michael switching from a latent phenomenon in which he calls the boy spoiled and lazy for not finding yard work perfect bliss to an active need to chase his son down and flatten him for "insolence" and "ingratitude" because he reminds him too much of his real teenage self. Eventually, Will Patterson will have to remind John of the surly pain in the arse he really was when he starts bleating about the moodiness in Liz that is clearly directed at him and clearly means that his daughter spits on all of his hard work and can't have anything to do with her social life and he laughs his ass off at his son's predicament. Lynn would have one believe that the old boy is about to yell "REVENGE IS MINE!!" but most sane people would see it as "Will laughs because his idiot son has made himself out to be a better kid than he was and he's punishing his kids for reminding him that he wasn't."