October 11th, 2019

Calm Candiru

In memory yet foobed.

The interesting thing about next month is that for some reason, we have Mike acting as if sending Martha a sappy note that made him feel super-awkward because it exposed the squishy insides of his personality is a Great Big Horrible Thing. This is because he has a mother who has a weird and unsettling need to make a fetish of written correspondence. It is one thing to save letters out of sentimental value or to create a paper trail to make life easier like most people do. It is quite another to do so for the reason Elly clearly does: to prove to herself that things happened in the first place because goldfish remember things better than she does.

This, I should think, is an artefact of Lynn's need to keep Elly's character consistent. Sadly, what is kept in stasis is a mind that's always baffled and horrified by something really easy to foresee and a voice that yells that it's cruel and unfair to expect her to anticipate the blazingly obvious. Thus the need to hoard correspondence out of desperation. If she doesn't have proof things happened, she won't know they happened because her brain is a God-damned Etch-A-Sketch.