September 8th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Meet The Enabler

Of course, Mrs Dingle is only a starter spirit guide. When one wants to discuss characters who enable the beloved immaturity that guarantees that Mike will embed himself like a tick in his parents' home and displace them because other places aren't as 'nice' as the one he was living in, one must contemplate Minstrel Show Caricature Landlady Olivia "Lovey" Saltzmann. She is beloved for owning a barn-like death-trap of a duplex and more or less allowing Mike to be a hill-billy and Dee to be an absentee mother because of a bizarre and stupid back story.

Y'see, she had started out as the same sort of 'meddling annoyance' Mira was only to have her own spoiled brat children turn on her. Rather than act like a sane person and cut her losses, Lovey decided to treat Mike and Deanna the same way she thought she should have treated her own teeming get and let them do whatever fool thing came into their stupid heads. Does Mike wanna drive down the property value by acting as if leases can be violated at a whim? Go ahead. It's cool. Does Deanna stand around mooing about how children have an evil need to run and move and play and speak when Mommy is tired. Wonderful. Lovey can join the Pattersons in chanting "TIME! NOT TOYS!" at a woman who provides both when Elly provides neither. Do they go out of their way to alienate and antagonize the child-free couple downstairs? Lovey can get behind that because childless couples are selfish vermin who should die in fires.

Since other property owners expect Mike to act like a grown man instead of a wide boy playing house with another jumped-up fourth grader, he could never find a place he loved until he found another invertebrate in love with his immaturity and stupidity: his pea-brained mother.