September 12th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Meet The Good Bad Influence

There is, of course, another reason why Eva Warzone is beloved by the Patterson family: she feeds into April's irrational jealousy of Becky McGuire. You'll have noticed that I linked to one of Elly's stupider comments about how awful it is that teenagers seem to act as if parents don't know jack shit and how she blamed every bit of it on that awful friend of hers. Since Elly Patterson is the Elly Pattersoniest of all Elly Pattersons, it makes a sad sense that she can look at typical goofy teenage girl behaviour and see it as a wave of chaos come to destroy parental authority for the bonehead reason that she assumed that that was what she was doing to her own mother when she was a plastic flower child.

It would do no good for Jim to come along and try to explain to his errant imbecile daughter that despite her belief otherwise, she wasn't a dangerous rebel and her mother didn't really reel from anything. I'm put in mind of a scene from one of the cross-overs between Law & Order and Homicide: Life On The Streets when Munch managed to read the FBI report on him and angrily denied his being summed up as the man he was: a noisy poser trying to give his mother a huge middle finger by pretending to be a Maoist. Since Elly wanted to think she was dangerous, she assumes that tame behaviour like wearing make-up kind of early and blowing Mommy's money on cute tops makes Becky the Anti-Elly.

What she never wanted to see is that April did inherit the family's jealousy, insecurity and belief that people who stand in the family's way are garbage people plotting their ruin which kind of gave Eva an in. Since April needs to see herself as being at war with everyone (owing to having that instinct reinforced by another moron with a bunker mentality), the poor deluded sap will always find an excuse to hate the one person actually trying to get her to not act like swine.