October 5th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Meet The Obstacle

I know that I've talked about Francoise recently but I think that it behooves us to remember exactly why it is that the Pattersons find her presence so troubling. As you will recall, Elly found it a hardship for Liz that Anthony already had a child when she clearly wanted children of her own:

because the child tying Elly down again belongs to someone else. How making Elly look after a strange woman's child is a hardship for Elly is rather easy and disgusting to explain. It means not only is Lizardbreath a homewrecker, it means that people were cheering her on when doing so:

and in doing so, made someone a victim of their self-absorption and stupidity. No one likes having a reminder of their bad deeds around so, as I've said before, Francie is expected to follow in Molly and Gayle's footsteps so as to erase Liz's being the moronic cat's paw of her bitch of a mother.