October 12th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Rube Infinity: Meet The Dead Man

As I said long ago, I suspect that Elly is destined to spend the actual winter of her life as a cantankerous burden to the child who deserves to be imprisoned with a shrill, ungrateful old biddy hen not at all. This is because I believe that if John hasn't managed to die in the last twelve years, he hasn't got much longer to live anyway despite coming from a family that regularly lives to an impossible old age.

The reason why is, sadly, very simple and as plain as the gin blossom on its stupid face: years of living with Elly's corrosive nagging and pea-brained huffiness have already hollowed him out from the inside out and created a mere puppet meant to impose her will on the world. With no one around left to scream into shape, John himself will become the focus of her yapping and it will be the end of him.
Snarky Candiru2

Slacker/Airhead Infinity: Meet The Conscientious Objectors.

It might seem that it would be the most natural thing in the world for someone who fangirls over Elly as much as Deanna does to take her in after John passes on. Everyone in the world assumes that will happen except for one person: Deanna herself. This, I should think, has a lot to do with the false image she has of her idol and how self-sufficient she actually isn't.

What I expect to see is the same sort of 'help' Elly gave Iris in the last few months of the strip: honeyed words about how she was going to be taken care of followed by inaction and an ignorant speech about how well Elly is handling things....followed by baffled rumblings about someone doing more harm than good by making a housepet of her. As for Mike himself, he wouldn't care one way or another where Elly lived just so long as she didn't disrupt his bullshit creative trance.