October 30th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Meet The Siblings Who Revile One Another

As I have said before, Elly seems to live in an eternal present tense. She has no real memory of the past and no real idea of a future because whatever she happens to be looking at at any given moment takes up all of her attention. This appears to be why the second after she started carrying Liz, she acted as if she could and should forget about all of Mike's emotional needs. Since he is as poor at understanding cause and effect as his mother, he acted as if Liz is to blame for his mother's inability to remember that he wants to feel as if he belongs as well and still resents his sister for somehow magically stealing Elly's attention away from him.

The irritating thing is having to remember that Elly did the same stupid thing with Liz when April came on the scene. Liz still resents April for stealing her childhood but she knows that it isn't really her fault. She's just a beneficiary of her mother's idiocy and her older brother's ability to escape the "you have to help me out/you OWE it to me" speech.