November 29th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Meet The Unseen Rival

The irritating thing about Deanna is not just her craven willingness to injure herself to prove her loyalty to the Pattersons in general and Mike in particular is having to remember that most of the things that Mira wanted are things that Elly also wanted. This can and should be summarized by Deanna's snippy comment about how Mira wanted pretty grandchildren when talking about some unknown and unknowable man named Perry who her parents liked pretty much as much as John and Elly like Anthony Caine.

The reason this means anything is that we spent the last eight years of the strip's run being beaten over the head with the idea that things are only wrong if someone who isn't a Patterson wants them. Viewing things through the distorting lens of protagonist-centered morality therefore probably means that Mira is evil and wrong for wanting her daughter to marry her high school love interest because that gets in the Pattersons' way. It thus behooves Mira to grow up and give up on silly fantasies that should mean nothing to no Patterson.