August 10th, 2021

Snarky Candiru2

Making Martha Up Revisisted.

As we know, Gordon is about to try to get Mike and Martha to make up next week. We know he's going to fail because Mike finally realized that he never actually felt anything for Martha as a person. He doesn't admit that but part of him realizes that he was in love with the sensation of being in love. We also know that he saves face by hiding behind the low-rent loser rant "Some day I'll be big and important and I'll show her" rant and eventually rearrange the facts to make it true.

What he doesn't ever seem to realize is that the person he's not paying attention to probably sees things differently. It's to be expected of a person who once flat out admitted that he doesn't actually see anyone else as being real because he can't feel their pain or see through their eyes but it's not likely that he'll ever realize what a devastating impact he had on her life. For starters, it looks to me as if her first failed marriage was probably an attempt to make her thing with The Human Doorstop work the way she thinks it should have only for it to turn out the way it had to. What she has now is something plagiarized from an episode of MASH because she's one half of two lonely, beat-up people who, when they're together, barely have a heart between them. What Mike sees is what he wants to see: a tricksy woman playing with the emotions he ain't actually got. What other people see is someone whose formative experiences left her vulnerable to users and pick-up artists with all the humanity of a poison toad....or a Patterson.
Snarky Candiru2

On Making Michael Up.

In retrospect, it does seem next to impossible to justify the time Martha wasted on a person who, when we last hear of her meeting him, crowed to himself that she was fat and miserable because that meant that she was being punished for playing games with him and dumping him for no reason that made sense. What Mike doesn't at all get that aside from the possibility that Martha saw him as a down-right waster and all around rotter she was put on this Earth to reform because he doesn't realize that he is a total no-hoper who was only ever able to reproduce because his wife left her sense of taste in a ditch next to a highway is that Martha herself might have been in love with a fictional character as well.

We do know that the Pattersons have a really hard time dealing with real people and tend to attribute to people who appeal to then aesthetically attributes that they do not possess. This is why Anthony was described as being all that and a box of soda crackers; Elly thought he and Liz looked cute together and she made up a fake Anthony everyone was fooled by. It could well be that Martha wanted to see things in Mike that just aren't there like sensitivity, tact, empathy, brains, class and attentiveness that just ain't there. She keeps looking for impostors and it's making her life worse.