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The Lost Year-and-a-half and its impact on the new-runs.....

One of the most irritating things about this, the first six months of the new-run era, is having to deal with the distorted chronology. This is because Lynn has all but said that she considers the first three years of the strip to be Year One of the Pattersons' saga. It seems not to matter when a strip from the years 1979 to 1982 was originally published; the assumption that Mike is five-going-on-six is there. Unfortunately for Lynn, this is nonsense. The Pattersons and their friends were seen to be aging in real time even back then. Mike went from kindergarten to Grade 2, Nizzie learned to talk baby-talk an' junk, Elly went from a woman who just turned thirty who thought she was old, fat and ugly to being a thirty-three year old transfixed by the delusion that she was a decrepit, bloated hag with one foot in the grave and so on and so forth. Where the Pattersons seemed to have lost a year or so was later in the decade. This is because that around the same time that the Tracey Ullman show had premiered crudely drawn filler material by the guy who wrote Life in Hell, Lynn subconsciously decided that the Foobs should be a bit younger than the Johnston family. This was why they progressed forward in time without aging until about the same time that Mike went to Summer Camp and met Martha. Having forgotten her own strips' has had the nasty little side effect of turning the new-run world into an alternate universe in all but name.
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