dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly Patterson versus decisiveness.

As we’ve seen, Elly is a petty, vindictive narcissist with not much in the way of brain power who gets infuriated far too easily the instant that the universe doesn’t mesh with whatever screwball vision of Utopia she happens to have at any given second.  Not only does this mean that she spends most of her time acting pointlessly upset because of misunderstandings and non-events and that she insists on holding the crimes that exist only inside her warped mind over the heads of the people around her, she also hates being reminded that she is not the final arbiter of what goes on around her. She, you see, has assigned people their destinies base on hr own shallow and self-serving needs and will brook no disobedience. She hates it when people decide to do what they want based on what they feel they need. Her response to being reminded that people have free will is to scream, holler and pout about how selfish and unfair people are. This means it’s difficult to make any sort of decision without worrying about an insane over-reaction by an ignoramus. John has adapted by telling her about his decisions after the fact. Mike and Liz, unfortunately, weren’t as lucky; they can’t decide things on their own because they don’t know how to. Acting on their own initiative was simply so dangerous for so long that they need to have someone to do their thinking for them. That means that Elly gets to run their lives until she dies; after she’s met her cremator, a pre-programmed clone like Deanna or Anthony can take over and make sure that they mind Dead Mommy.

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