dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Marian and Jim in the new-runs

It would seem that we might soon be subjected to the story arc that depicts Elly’s extended visit to her parents. I can’t quite remember the reason she did it in the original continuity but I have a fair idea of what reason will be offered this time. Simply put, Elly will have had too much work, too much time near children and too little support from her oafish boor husband to be able to cope; she’ll need to get away from her familyproblems or she’ll go nuts. This, of course, is a rather specious reason because we’ve seen that Elly deliberately piles on the work as a means of getting attention and sympathy. What’s more, her parents know her well enough to see what she’s up to. They go so far as to remind her what an immature, selfish little fool she is. This, of course, is meant to show them as being blind and mean-spirited clods who don’t know or care how hard her life is. Unfortunately for Lynn, her attempt to make them bad people will end up making them folk heroes. It doesn’t matter how grumpy Jim is or how passive-aggressive Marian gets; since they call Elly on her BS, they’ll have a following among those who snark Foob.

Tags: chinnuts, marian

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