dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly, the eternal child.

As I have mentioned before, Jim and Marian tended to have little patience with Elly's claims that her life had slipped away and she'd become old before her time. Not only had they had to listen to nonsense like that since she was a high school freshman whining about her non-existent social life, they also knew that she wouldn't recognize maturity if the word were tattooed on her retina. She had the same irritating tendency to lecture, the same refusal to admit that she might be in the wrong, the same passive-aggressive habit of pouting if she didn't get her own way, the same spinelessness and the same lack of foresight she'd had since she was in pigtails. Since she hadn't substantively changed mentally despite having got herself a husband and children to play with, her claims that she was aged beyond her years were absurd. They never had to deal with that sort of foolishness from Phil; he might not have had the steady, regular life Elly had but he also wasn't as immature and silly. The only time he ever showed signs of being immature is when he got frustrated by dealing with the idiot sister who thought that she was the boss of him even after they became adults. It seems to me that Jim moved to Milborough with the purpose in mind of keeping the girl who didn't grow up from causing mischief; his son didn't need his help because he was a grown man.
Tags: elly versus her parents, elly: lynn's fantasy self, phil: bee and bop king

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