dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The truncated bachelorhood of John Patterson.

One of the more annoying tendencies that John has is his love of playing with childish things at his family’s expense. Most of the time, we see him behaving as if they owe him time to be a goofy twit indulging himself in some big fun. It’s not too hard to see why it is that he feels this way. It seems to me that maggie_texas is right to remind us that John worked very hard to get to University and he would continue to have to work very hard to make his dreams come true. It had seemed like manna from a generous heaven when the English major he was dating said that she’d gladly help chip in and support him with the understanding that when the time came, he’d let her take work outside the home. Finally, he’d have some time to pursue the interests he’d missed out on grinding away at school. Fortunately for him, his wife didn’t do anything other than object when he’d allowed as how he’d sort of expected her to raise the kids before she could get back to that career she was always talking about. Unfortunately, he was too insensitive to see that he was expected to not have the freedom to do what he wanted that he thought he’d earned. She, you see, could have an hour free from the pointless busywork she loved to share war stories about idiot husbands and selfish kids; he was begrudged male companionship. This meant that the impulse he’d had towards having a healthy social life would slowly twist into a love of solitude; he didn’t need friends when he had an obsession with model trains.

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