dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Ted McCauley’s evil, crazy mother.

As we all know, the Pattersons like to deride Ted for being a Momma’s boy. John, his purported friend, barely tolerates the man because of his failure to cut the apron strings while Elly gets a charge of shaking her head in disgust at how he counsels John to do things he hasn’t the guts to. They’d find his company a damned sight more welcome, you see, if he were married and had children. Since he looks to them like a confirmed bachelor, they agree there’s something wrong with him: he’s wasting his life following the bizarre dictates of his mother. The most bizarre of her beliefs would seem to be that Ted could do far better than the sort of weirdo that the Pattersons might approve of; they might not have intended for him to meet Connie and would hope that he not make too big a mess of their life but if she can make a go of it, more power to her. Mrs M thought that her son could do better than the man-hungry freak that is Connie or the passive-aggressive dolt he’s currently sending alimony checks. Since she didn’t want him to settle and like to know where he was, she was a domineering monster-mother. 

Tags: ted: playah dood

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