dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Greed: More, MORE, MORE!!!

Another mortal sin that has enslaved our merry band of vermin is Avarice. Now, they don't seem to be especially money hungry, except for say Michael. After all, he seemed somewhat dissatisfied that his fluke advance of twenty-five thou wasn't bigger. It isn't all about money, however, as much as it is the race to acquire worldy goods to the exclusion of all higher needs. You must admit most of these people are a shameless bunch of pack rats, and look down on April because she thinks the drive to burden oneself with gear is a mug's game. I can vaguely remember a sequence with Elly having an argument with Phil over a pipe organ their parents owned. What had happened is that the Richards had moved to a smaller house after their children had moved away and were eager to rid themselves of some material possessions they didn't immediately need and had over the years made contradictory promises over its ownership. The thing is that Phil had the stronger claim because he'ds actually use the thing; she just wanted it to get the thing first so as to have sometrhing to pretend to dust. They aren't really all that greed-driven, but let's just say that Avarice is holding the coats of more ACTIVE partners, shall we?
Tags: gotta get more stuff

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