dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Doctor Ted: Desgnated antagonist

As we've seen this week, everyone and his dog love to remind us what a jerk Ted is. Not only do we have random cafeteria workers pass judgment on him, his purported friend John hypocritically maligns him by reminding us that his views on women are behind the times. The problem is that Ted doesn't actually deserve the abuse being hurled upon him. He, for instance, made no secret of his not wanting a relationship to last too long; if someone wanted more time than that, he was sorry but he just didn't want to get tied down. This worked for him until he wound up meeting Connie. He'd initially thought that she too simply wanted a consequence-free relationship because of her reputation as a liberated woman. It took him a while to realize that Connie was willing to abandon her principles in order to please her man. This alarmed him because he was just as worried as messing up lives as everyone else. His solution, which was predicted on the belief that he wasn't what was best for her or Lawrence, was to be cruel to be kind. He'd gone out of his way to point out that he'd had no interest in marriage and that she should have known that going in. Sure, he'd hurt her feelings but he wanted to make sure that she knew that. It was too bad that he'd still felt something for her. It took a humiliating trip to Thunder Bay and doomed marriage for him to get over the loss. This begs the question of why he's depicted as the bad guy. The answer to that is simple; he enjoys what he does and says what he means. In a world where the One True Path that all men and women must follow is to slave away at a job one hates, dissemble without remorse and have a joyless relationship with someone one barely tolerates, his attitude is Pure Evil.

Tags: connie: the real lynn, ted: playah dood

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