dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Raise the kids, nip the buds

In the old understanding of history, it was obvious why it was that John was against Elly’s getting a job outside the home. His love of predictability made it clear to him that the gender roles must be rigidly enforced; since his mother stayed home to raise him and his siblings, it made sense to him that Elly should do the same. Instead of contributing to society by writing the Great Canadian Novel, she should content herself to raising the next generation of Canadians; what’s more, he’d started to convince Mike that this should be. The future Delicate Genius was all about her not upsetting the applecart. In the revised history, it seems to me that things are getting a bit more subtle. John seems to want to be fair about things but has to contend with a hindrance: his children's fear that Elly plans to abandon them. As trumanf stated, the kids are so used to Elly’s tyranny that they object violently to the ‘threat’ of its absence. Given his lack of interest in scrubbing the house down with a toothbrush after a hard days’ work and the fact that he actually plans to be physically present (or, to put it how Elly might, loom over them like a vulture instead of ignoring them so she can whine about having to be near them letting them be free to be themselves) is more than they can handle; they’re so used to Elly’s style of lousy parenting that they miss it. A week of their pathetic mewling about when Elly is going to return is going to convince our boy that these children simply cannot live without their mother being around. He might wish that they could be trusted to thrive without her present but he can’t do anything about the stone-cold fact of the triumph of Stockholm Syndrome. Not that he’ll get any credit for it, though. It’ll somehow still be his fault that the kids are clingy annoyances who regard every second she spends without them as a move towards abandoning them.

Tags: child rearing disasters, elly: lynn's fantasy self, one big oblivious family, the reload

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