dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The reason for the retconned trip.....

It seems to me that the real reason that Lynn hated Lynn Lake is that the locals liked local boy Rod more than they liked her. Not only was she forced to endure being denied access to her beloved shopping malls, the ungrateful and adulterous vermin that infest The Middle of Nowhere were more excited by a flying dentist than an internationally syndicated cartoonist. The idea that they would be more grateful to have a man that did things for his community and made an effort to be a part of things than an arrogant snob who clearly hated where she was and said so is not one that that appeals; it tends to imply that she's an arrogant snot that caused her own misery. The impulse to begrudge Rod the respect that actually doing things gives him also makes her want to undermine him as a dad; the current story-line affords us an excellent example of that. Lynn clearly hated it that the kids weren't devastated by her absences. It makes sense in a sick way that she was angered instead of reassured by how well they coped; it meant that the Sun didn't shine out of her sphincter after all. Showing John as adding to Elly's burdens by being an inept care-giver seemed only fair to her. Her husband deserved it because she seems to have thought he was trying to turn the kids against her.

Tags: lynn versus the real world

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