dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The unfortunate implications of Elly's absence.

As I said yesterday, the whole situation wherein the children spent the week pining away for Elly and counting the 'sleeps' until her return rings as false as John's claims to be progressive and engaged in his kids' lives. In the real world, a small child wouldn't ordinarily spend a week quivering in fear because a parent was absent. Sure, they'd be upset to see Mommy leave but they'd bounce back in a few minutes. The only way that this would play out is if the children's dependence on the absent parent had become pathological. I'm sure that Lynn had no intention of making the bond between mother and children look sick and unhealthy; it's just that since she can't remember how things happened, she tried to reason things out from her perspective and fell flat on her face. It even subverted her attempt to make John look like a goof; instead of an insensitive, foolhardy dullard who's too dense to know or care why his children are upset, he instead looks like a man staggered by the depth of his children's need to be near Elly.


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