dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The backlash effect

In Lynn's zeal to exact her revenge on her family by amplifying the behaviors that annoy her, she shows us that she's too big to remind herself of two things that most of us have noticed. The first thing is that people can't help but think that her real family ARE the Pattersons. The same woman who moans that she was actually married to a fictional character all those years is perfectly capable of telling her ex-husband and children that they have no right to complain when people confuse them with John, Mike and Lizzie. After all, it's just a comic strip and has no bearing on reality; the fan letters that prove otherwise don't mean a thing to her. The second thing is a corollary to the first: other, slightly more focused people might start to empathize with her family for that and not respect her for her refusal to see that how her strip affects how they're treated matters. Sure, she likes it when the Inmans feel sorry for her because they think she's Elly but she doesn't like it when people point out that by getting the Inmans to think that way, she's shortchanging the people in her life for a petty and silly reason.

Tags: lynn j.: portrait of a user.

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