dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Cooking with Elly: the new face of Coffee Talk.

As could have been predicted, Lynn quickly grew tired with the weekly letter from the Pattermanse. Not only did she have to deal with actual criticism of her characters, she was being asked to think about what was going on in the background. The only way she can care about the characters is in bursts of thirty seconds a day; otherwise, she simply cannot be troubled to worry about what they do when she's not looking at them. Having thus declared herself to be the biggest Kool-Aid Drinker of them all but still needing proof that people out there care about the strip to avoid being told to go to straight reprints because of lack of interest, she's decided to kill two birds with one stone. Her solution is to use Coffee Talk to troll for recipes for the cookbook she's probably always wanted to compile. The plushie might be a failure and the kid's book a non-starter but people will always need to eat; it seems a bit cruel of her to get her fans to volunteer recipes with only a lousy signed strip in payment but she doesn't seem to care. Once she has enough material, she'll find some new use for CT.

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