dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Gluttony: Livin' large in Foobland

We've seen that these creeps love to race around hoarding crap to the exclusion of more impportant priorities, so today I'll show you what they do with it. The answer: Nothing worthwile. These creeps more or less define themselves by the things they consume, which is kind of the essence of Gluttony. For instance, we see John's lunatic scramble to create some HO-scale eyesore to scratch some demented itch within his twisted mind. Does he plan on letting anyone bot himself USE the damneable thing? Not in the slightest! He'd probably call the cops on any kids unfortunate enough to get to close to his vandal magnet no matter what their motivation. We also see their big showy trip to sunny Mexico every winter. Not only do they use it to remind April of how little they REALLY value her by excluding her, it's also a pointless waste of money they could use to help people in real need. We're also seeing the current orgy of stupidity celebrating a non-event which is par for the course with their son. The jackass author is content to subject his family to near-squalor while he fritters his money, which should be used to make their lives better, on shiny trash! The youngest daughter doesn't seem to be as affected by Avarice or Gluttony, while the older one's yearning for material possessions fuels another deep-seated character flaw: PRIDE!!
Tags: john - grinning weirdo

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