dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Human on Sundays……

As we’ve all seen, the life of the Pattersons is a fairly grim one most of the time. The new-run John is an idiot who sucks at a job he hates as well as a failure as a husband and father. Not only that, he seems always on the verge of cheating on Elly. Not that she’s a prize herself; what we see most days is a spoiled, ignorant child-woman who has the world handed to her on a tray only to complain that she wants even more than she has now. Their children are equally unpleasant most of the time. There is, fortunately, a break in the gloom, a respite from the unpleasantness and entitlement. This escape from the downbeat world of horrid creeps who sob and snicker as they cheat each other is called Sunday. Every so often, you see, Lynn sees fit to republish a reprint from the dot-eyed, round-headed era. The shift in the artwork is as nothing to the shift in the message of the strip itself. The real Early Years of the strip depicted a flawed-but-likable family of quirky suburbanites you could see yourself wanting to associate with. Sadly, we all know that Lynn seems to have lost the part of her that felt optimistic about the future; the end result is that she made the new-run Pattersons younger versions of the revolting twits who thought nothing of destroying Therese Caine’s happiness.

Tags: lynn: failed creator, the reload

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